Molecular Internal Medicine

*Excellence Award for Outstanding Thesis, University of Zürich School of Medicine

Director of Thesis: Matthias Barton, MD

Role of G protein-coupled estrogen receptor for coronary artery function
O. Baretella (2008-2011)

Influence of dietary fat content on vascular reactivity and expression profiles: novel role of vascular cyp2E1
M. Damjanovic (2007-2011)

Functional heterogeneity of large conduit arteries
J. Rasi (2005-2010)

Characterization of BACE2 as a modulator of vascular smooth muscle cell function and atherosclerosis
R. Minotti (2005-2009)

Early aging and anatomic heterogeneity determine cyclooxygenase-mediated vasoconstriction to angiotensin II in mice
M. Kretz (2004-2007)

Co-mitogenic effects of insulin and lipoproteins on human vascular smooth muscle cell growth
C. Raselli (2004-2007)

Marked heterogeneity of endothelin-mediated contractility and contraction dynamics in mouse femoral and renal arteries
C. Widmer (2003-2007)

*Role of estrogen receptors for vascular function of coronary arteries
C.D. Stettler (2002-2007)

Regulatory role of apolipoprotein E for hepatic gene expression and lipid content in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis
T. Dörflinger (2001-2006)

*Characterization of functional injury over the entire lifespan in mice with spontaneous atherosclerosis
M. Lang (2001-2006)

Vascular genomics of human-like atherosclerosis: Identification of decorin by cDNA microarray
C. Glatzer (2001-2006)

Role of ossification-associated proteins in the human vasculature
L. Emmanuele (2001-2006)

Effects of aging and atherosclerosis on acute vascular effects of sex steroids
S. Forte (2002-2006)

Acute effects of amiodarone on arterial vasoreactivity in aging and atherosclerosis
M. Keller (2002-2006)

Rapid accumulation of amiodarone in the vasculature: Role of gender and aging
E. Fojtu (2002-2006)

*Acute effects of 17β-estradiol on expression of sex steroid receptors in blood vessels of patients with coronary atherosclerosis
M. Meyer (2002-2006)

Impaired vascular function in non-obese diabetic mice: Role of NO and endothelin
B. Frank (2002-2006)

Effect of aging on expression of sex steroid receptors in the male vascular system
D. Camenzind (2002-2006)

A novel method for the quantification of atherosclerosis in intact murine arteries
D. Nägeli (2002-2006)

Role of age and gender for vascular expression of sex steroid receptors during atherogenesis
R. Strässle (2002-2006)

Hepatic and pulmonary regulation of cytokines in allograft receipients during chronic rejection
S. Horber (2002-2006)

Role of the vascular endothelin system in experimental autoimmune diabetes
J. Celeiro (2002-2006)

Effects of endothelin blockade in established experimental heart failure
D. Vetter (1998-2003)

Wirkungen von 17β-Oestradiol auf die vaskuläre Reaktivität menschlicher Arterien und Venen
A. Heigl (1998-2002)

*Cardiovascular risk factors and the renal endothelin system
T. Lattmann (1997-2000)

All thesis projects are part of our Swiss National Science Foundation-funded research