Molecular Internal Medicine

The Goal of Molecular Internal Medicine
Practicing clinical cardiology and internal medicine, Matthias Barton, M.D., founded Molecular Internal Medicine in the year 2000 as Attending Physician and Director of the Research Division of the Medizinische Poliklinik of the Zurich University Hospital's Department of Medicine. His goal was to create a research program to specifically educate and train students in medicine and the life sciences interested in understanding the molecular aspects of disease by linking important aspects of clinical medicine with modern molecular biology and research. Prof. Barton, who has a particular clinical interest in atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease and disease prevention, is convinced that acquiring a thorough understanding and knowledge of the pathogenesis of a disease and by fully dedicating oneself to a particular problem will immensely help medical students and clinical fellows to become independent and critical thinkers as physicians and scientists, and that it will improve their clinical skills and their diagnosis-finding abilities when working with patients.