Molecular Internal Medicine

How to realize scientific mentoring
More than 20 years ago I initiated a research program in molecular internal medicine for students of medicine and the life sciences at the University of Zurich. Since its inception the program has attracted many medical students as well as scientists and doctors from outside hospitals and abroad. Molecular Internal Medicine has been successful in terms of scientific education, mentoring, and publishing, leading to a large number of experimental theses and scientific publications in recognized international journals. Students get the opportunity to present their work at international research conferences and to participate in the publications related to their dissertation work, some of them even as first authors. Consequently, graduate students and fellows of Molecular Internal Medicine received numerous awards in recognition of their work at scientific conferences around the world. They have been awarded prizes for an outstanding thesis from the University of Zurich as an appreciation of scientific excellence as well as postdoctoral fellowships by the Swiss National Science Foundation. We are supporting the active development of careers and mentoring of junior academics in medical and biomedical sciences.

Matthias Barton, M.D.